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A Whole Community Education

"Be a part of the whole." -Roopa Karayi

Exploring, Engaging, and Expanding begins the moment life is created, from our mother's womb until we return to the womb of Mother Earth, a continuous cycle for all life. Thus is important we each take a little bit of something that worked in each culture to share ancient knowledge for the preservation of life. 

The importance of parent involvement during early childhood years are vital to a child's longterm success and child's longterm success paves way for a successful world free from suffering. From birth we offer holistic support and resources for parents, which includes but are not limited to, mother and infant care pre and post pregnancy to prevent gestational development that can manifest as chronic diseases later in life. 


We emphasize that parents are a child's first and life-long teacher, so we aim to create spaces that encourage this by ensuring that all human basic needs are met during the child's early childhood years into adulthood and so forth.

So that our elders maintain a quality of life and death comes of old age instead of disease and illness.

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